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(+881) 111 222 333



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Answer: Yes that's right! What would be the point of an app that tries to save you money, only to charge you for using it?! Seems nuts to us! We even offer the source code so you can create your site, or if don't trust us with your data.
Answer: Straight from GitHub, if you know PHP and can setup a LAMP stack, you can be good-to-go within an hour!
Answer: More than 248970558791234598139784519843! More than all the unique grocery products that have ever exited, currently exist, or ever will exist! (That's even including alternate universes!)
Answer:You could have a quintillion (that's like, a super duper lot) recipes and it'd be totally fine. You could have every grandmother's recipe for every grandmother that's ever pinched a cheek! Wow!